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Rash after assault
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Caz1990 - March 7

Hi i'm new to this site but i'm seeking some advice really it's STD related, so I hope i'm posting in the right place.

In July 2015 I was raped by a guy I met on a date, I went into shock I afterwards I never reported it, I blamed myself at the time. I avoided the doctors seeking medical treatment and bought myself a course of antibiotics as a precaution. I went on to have a breakdown and have just got back on my feet after confiding in someone what had gone on after a year. I have also done a home kit for HIV due to the symptoms I had which started 2 weeks after the incident the test was done one year later so the results are fully conclusive, 99% accurate blood sample it came back as a negative result. Which I did not expect

My question really is this.. exactly 10 days after the incident I came down with some kind of virus, severe migraine, high temperature, vomiting, sweating, nausea, fatigue, flu like symptoms, it was overwhelming and I was off work and college for several weeks in a lot of distress, lost weight I was nauseous. I did not recover for months, incredibly itchy skin, a blotchy red rash on my arms, legs, chest and face, it started with tiny acne like cysts like small pustules I had about 20 across my face and chest which disappeared within 2 weeks, but the nausea and rash stayed for approximately 7 months at it's worst. I was as pale as anything for several months and the rash used to constantly appear in a red brick form. I am baffled as to whats gone on and seeing as my HIV test came back as negative where I assumed the worst. I know I should of got help earlier, I had the trauma of what this guy did and believing he had given me hiv for a year caused me a lot of distress before I told anyone what had gone on. The problem is now is whilst the other symptoms have mostly gone away I have been left with the issue of the skin problem and chronic itching across my whole body and red blotches, it is worse at night to the point I cant sleep and I am in tears because my whole body feels like it is crawling, but I have had this problem ever since this guy, I know nothing about him or his history I've not contacted him since understandably, he's Nigerian and only been in the country for 5 years, I did find out much later on that he was bisexual and had slept with a lot of men in his home country before moving to the UK which prompted me to get tested. Is there anything that could cause this from having unprotected sex where it is not hiv. I do not have any signs of a STI like I say and I've bought a course of antibiotics to be on the safe side in case there was anything hidden. Is it possible this mans semen contained parasites that may of caused my rash?? I am at my wits end and do not feel comfortable discussing this with my GP in detail and saying that I think the rash is linked. It's cause me a lot of depression and distress the only thing I can say is i'm glad it's not HIV. I do not believe it's psychosomatic or in my head, I have the visible blotches. If anyone could advise i'd really appreciate it before I go through the humiliation I feel having to discuss it and bring it up with my gp again, I did mention the rash which she looked at. Also I know I didn't handle the situation very well but already been told this and that's it all my fault bottling it up. Thanks



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