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downsystem - September 7

I am 21 and have been in 6 relationships within six years. There was this guy that tricked me sayin he has a condom on but her really didn't have one on. just about 3 weeks later my nose became stuffy and when I went to the doctor they told me I had a sinus infection. From there in my next relationship we had unprotected sex then I started having this brown watery discharge. I was told I had an STD like gonn. and i took the meds but the brown water did not go away. I still have this stuffy nose and I began have this clumpy tiny clumps of discharge coming out. So I went back to the doctor and they found herpes in my blood but I have no warts of some sorts and other symptoms. I am so scared.


Oblivion - September 7

I think you need to not think about it and just get tested.


downsystem - September 9

THANKS... its just hard not to!!!


Vance2335 - September 9

I know it maybe difficult, but you can never use symptoms. You just have to test for what you think you may have or just test for all STD's and get the results and deal with them when they come in.


downsystem - September 9

Yea your right. Im just trying my best to think positive and try to stay as healthy and clean as possiable....thanks so much


Vance2335 - September 9

You are taking the right mental approach...stay positive. Too many people come on here with negative thoughts and it weighs so much on them.


downsystem - September 10

yea its just really scary cause back in the day i read on something with similar symptoms that i have which makes me really sad because i feel like i it is true my life is over....but ima just try to stay positive


Oblivion - September 10

think positive


downsystem - September 10

If i do have those things that i posted life is over right??? No man would want a woman like i might as well crawl up in a ball and die....I just hope that god can forgive me for the damage that i did to myself but i just don't know if i can....i was so young and stupid...and now i feel helpless... I wish i could get tested for free ...but i know that wont happen


Oblivion - September 10

Herpes...yes many people live with herpes and get married, have kids and live a regular life. I mean it's a big deal but its also not a big deal.


Oblivion - September 11

HIV is a little different, but people still have sex with people who are HIV+. Why do you think HIV still spreads?? But using condoms works against HIV. And on the very slim and I do mean very slim chance there are great councelors and people to work with and people live very long with HIV. Teak over in the HIV community has lived for over 25 years with HIV.


downsystem - September 11

See thats what im scared of...if i have both then the virus will duplicate and my body won't be able to fight it im just gonna die....this is such a sad story i cry about this everyday and i just don't know what to do with myself. But ima just try not to think about it.....


Dallasfan - September 11

You have something wrong in your thinking. if you have both then you have both. Your body can't fight off HIV or herpes you have either one or both for life no matter what. But there are treatments for both.
So it's not like if you have both that your dead in 2 years...things don't work that way. Your letting your mind run wild with things you don't know.


downsystem - September 11

Yes you are right. Have u ever heard of ppl having both and living a normal life? I really appreciate you talking to me and i apreciate it alot! I just get scared going to the doctor cause i just dunno what to do if it comes back just so upset...and if i get in a relationship once u spill the beans there gone like rice!!!omg....breathe.....ok....but thanks so much


Leslie Know - September 11

Let me get this straight - you were diagnosed via blood test as having herpes but you don't think you have herpes?


primecast - September 11

Herpes and hpv are 2 totally different viruses. rashes on the arm and the feet aren't likely to be due to std's. What sort of testing have you had done since the vaginal discharge started?


Vance2335 - September 11

The upper respiratory issues are totally unrelated and have absolutely NOTHING to do with std's.



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