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risk for std
12 Replies
sheri2009 - September 18

I am extremely worried because a male friend fingered me and gave me oral sex. However, I am unsure if he may have touched himself and put any of his pre-*** on his finger by accident. this may have resulted in him putting pre-*** inside of me. Am i at risk for infection of any stds by engaging in these actions. Do the virus last that long outside the body?


Oblivion - September 18

Fingering is no risk at all, and oral sex is pretty low risk. The only thing you'd have to worry about from oral sex is gonorrhea, and maybe syphilis, and you aren't terribly likely to get those either.


Gumdrop - September 18

If you are concerned, see your doc for some testing.


bluegirl13 - September 18

I was in the same boat as you too!
The only thing the guy did was finger me and performed cunniligus on me. I freaked, but from what AJ has said to me, the medhelp doctors plus my own doctor - it's at a pretty low risk.


Lelouch - September 19

Oral sex is already a low risk and the medhelp doctors state that cunnilingus is the lower than that. There is a small chance of herpes, small/theoretical risk of gonorrhea and small/theoretical risk of syphilis.


smartie - September 19

if you are really concerned you should go in for testing. It's very easy and trust me, it can ease your mind.


Dallasfan - September 19

The tests out there (like the DNA PCR Test) is about 95%-98% accurate and really the only time you see any falsities is if there is a problem collecting the sample.


ginger - September 20

You do not need an HIV test if all you did was oral sex and fingering. That's going way above and beyond.


Oblivion - September 20

You especially don't need to be tested for 2 years. A regular antibody test for HIV at 3 months suffices.


smartie - September 20

I'm not knocking anyone, but its really easy to let anxiety get you carried away.


sheri2009 - September 22

I'm working on the anxious part every day. I keep telling myself that I tested negative, and it was a pretty low risk. Sometimes I seek a little if I pay too close attention to my body and pick out the anxiety drawn feelings (like I think they are symptoms but I know they aren't). It's a work in progress and I'm thinking about seeing a pysch doc to help me out.


Luffy - September 30

I think seeing someone about anxiety is a great idea. Most people who think they need some help need it. :)


revan_delacroix - September 30

i agree with luffy I think its a great step to take, and it means you are taking care of you.



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