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Several types after hydrosalpinx
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dudududu - June 27

Hydrosalpinx is the result of adhesions after salpingitis or the fluid secreted by atresia, mucosal cells accumulates in the lumen or inflammation due to tubal isthmus and fimbria adhesion formation after tubal occlusion empyema. When the lumen of pus is being absorbed, the watery liquid then formed. So when we got this disease, we can take these types below.

Ovarian function exam

Ovarian function checking can be divided into basal body temperature, vaginal cytology, cervical mucus crystallization measurement and blood hormone steroid measuring. Ovarian function checking for a female is significant. it can help us to make a clear that whether woman\'s ovarian function is good or not, but also can give a a timely remedy and treatment if there is an abnormality.

Tubal patency checking

Tubal patency checking is a method to identify whether tubal is open. Generally, after disinfection, the doctor injects the cervix liquid, air or drugs into the uterus through some specific medical devices or appliances to determine whether tubal is open.


Hysterosalpingography refers to the method that use X-ray to make a conformation of the disease. The doctors inject the contrast agent with the catheter into the uterine cavity and fallopian tubes. According to the situation?we can observe the agent developing in the fallopian tube and pelvic to make sure whether the tubal is OK. Currently, HSG is the most simple and reliable method in diagnosing hydrosalpinx.

Ultrasound diagnosis

Actually, ultrasound can be used to diagnose some hydrosalpinx. However, ultrasound can only be suggestive of liquid dark area and it cannot give the final diagnosis of whether there are water exist. Mostly, the ultrasound diagnosis can only be advised in the acute phase.


Laparoscopy can be directly use for hydrosalpinx diagnosis. with this method, the adhesions and fimbria can easy be seen. but as the surgery of laparoscopic is more expensive and may put some wounds in our body, so generally, this surgery do not be regarded as the first choice, and it would be applied after a completely treatment.

After a careful exam, you must search for a good way to treat it. The traditional Chinese medicine Fuyan pill is a kind of medicine to treat the hydrosalpinx. You should only take it for 3-4 months. The herbs in the pills works to clear inflammation and toxins, promote blood circulation. After the medication, hydrops can be eliminated and tubes get unblocked, then you can try to conceive. The cure rate is high compared with other medicine.

if you want to know more details,you can send the email to the wuhandrlee(at)




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