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Sore Throat STD?
14 Replies
MaddisonR - September 6

Hi I recently had oral sex with a male with out a condom he did not ejaculate in me , however 15 hours later i have a sore throat. I had also suffered for a huge aniexty attack previous to the sore throat. I was wondering, if the anxiety attack caused my sore throat (it lasted about 2 hrs +) or is there a chance i contracted and STD, and if i did what kind?


Vance2335 - September 7

It would not be a STD related symptom. Now a sore throat is possible with oral gonorrhea it would be too soon and it seems like the anxiety attack probably brought it on.


MaddisonR - September 9

yeh i called the clinic today, i have an apotinment for screening tomorrow. but i described my symptoms, they think its either a cold or just panic related. but i know my anxiety wont stop until i know for sure. but i will post agian when i know the results, incase someone else has a simular question btw, now my throat is still currently sore and my neck is a bit stiff


Vance2335 - September 9

well you would have to get a throat swab done to test for oral gonorrhea...just an FYI.


MaddisonR - September 9

i did, they have me a urine and throat swab, but apparently i cant really get teste for anuthing else for a few more weeks. b/c they wouldnt have effected my body or somthing like that. Anywayz so im still fearful i have somthing, but i guess ihave to wait. My test for the gonherria, and i think syphilis come back next week. in the mean time. i have an sore throat stiff neck.. andi kind acky body, mainly my lower back.. any suggestions?


sweetie - September 10

So with the advice of a freiend, i cleaned my vaginal area and didnt apply the cream that was given to me on friday. So the the continueal burning sensation stopped. However i examed my area a few mins ago, and there is a rash, but i cant describe it. and it burn/chaffees when i move around. But other than that it doenst hurt or irrate me anymore.. so do you think i was allergic to the cream or is that std related. Its a stat holiday so i cant go the clinic until tomorrow. But over all other than that. no new symptoms.


Lelouch - September 10

What cream were you given to apply and why?


Oblivion - September 10

Rashes in various body parts as you've described aren't likely to be a std. You've been sweating so it's probably from that. try after you've dried off thoroughly from the shower, sprinkling some body powder under your breasts to absorb excess moisture. Same goes with rashes in the crease of your legs - can be fungal or irritation from underwear and such too.


sweetie - September 10

Im allergic to penicillin by the way. but the cream is called Taro-. it a topical anitbiotic. I had the same symptoms as MaddisonR, it started with a sore throat and after a few days I had a stiff neck and really really achy body. And the last one is the burning sensation all over my body especially on the genital area. The cream Taro-smthing really helped


Vance2335 - September 16

Taro-Mupirocin perhaps?


sweetie - September 17

yes thats it, sorry i thought i typed that in its Taro- Mupirocin


Lelouch - September 18

sounds like your provider feels that you have folliculitis.


MaddisonR - September 20

guy at the clinic looked at it, said i wasnt std related, and gave me yeast infection cream./. so ill take that for the next 6 days and wait for my results on friday


MaddisonR - September 26

Test result in.. all negative. im feel relieved


Vance2335 - September 26

Good to hear



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