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STD from Oral Sex
7 Replies
alphafox - August 22

if both partners are virgins is there any STD risk? This is oral sex, by the way. My thoughts were that you would have to have sex with someone who has contracted the disease in order to catch an STD, am I right?


Leslie Know - August 22

It is quite impossible for two inexperience individual to contract something. However, for a small percentage, it is possible if one is born with Hepatitis or pricked with a dirty needle.


primecast - August 22

A lot of diseases exist in two forms, one is a parallel related form transmitted genitally and the other is orally. In a few cases the oral form can infect the genitals and vice versa if there is direct contact. So i think there is a chance that virgins can acquire STD.


Homemade - August 26

Sexually transmitted diseases are rising rapidly while ordinary diseases have been on the drop drastically. Contrary to many people believe, I think it is possible for two virgins to acquire STD from each other but in a percentage that is negligible.


Myra - June 25

there is a small chance but it's nothing to worry about since you're both virgin.if doubtful, a regular check up can help.


tina - September 11

possible but not likely.if ever, maybe minor infections.but it's nothing to be worried about.


Ascott - February 18

Could he have lied? What are the symptoms. If there was any blood or small cut then a bacterial infection would be very possible.


justinej - July 29

There are in theory one or two infections which aren't always sexually transmitted, which can be contracted from oral sex with someone who has never had sex.

Herpes (cold sores) is one, but if neither of you have never had an outbreak, there's no reason to assume either of have the virus.

It's also possible to transmit thrush through oral sex practices but unless you have noticeable symptoms it's unlikely that the infection is present.



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