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STD symptoms
11 Replies
emilym1989 - August 26

Inflammed and swollen one side of the vagina, and heavy milky discharge, what STD sounds like it would cause these symptoms?


Shirley - August 27

The most common cause of a heavy milky discharge is a yeast infection. If it smells fishy, it might me trichomonas, an STD that is easy to treat.


primecast - August 28

The best thing to do is to go to your doctor or Planned Parenthood. They will do a bunch of tests to see exactly what is going on, and will give you the best medication to treat it.


Onefish - August 30

Please don't go to the emergency department! The ED is expensive and it is for seriously ill people. You won't die from this.


jessica - September 4

Go see a DR asap. That might be Vaginal mucositis. Don't listen to Onefies even go to the ER. They can see you right a way and plus give you something for it.


Lelouch - September 5

There are a lot of STD's that might match those symptoms. Be sure to get checked out by your doctor so you can get diagnosed and start treatment. These things don't go away by themselves :)


Danielle - September 5

Syphilis, if you are burning gonorrhea, chlamydia, there are all types. More than likely you have a STI instead of a STD. STI's are sexually transmitted infections the ones that can be treated with antibiotics and usually have symptoms although sometimes there are none.


Dallasfan - September 5

That sounds painful. Get an emergency appointment ASAP.


rosecs - November 9

I have a really heavy discharge from my vagina that is white, thick and creamy and can sometimes smell. Is this normal?


Luffy - November 9

Have yyou had it checked?


rosecs - November 9

I have asked my doctor’s advice several times but he says it is normal but it is extremely uncomfortable and it really makes me conscious of myself.


bluechick - November 9

if the doctor said it's normal then you don't have to worry about anything



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