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toddler herpes
10 Replies
fesiempre - September 28

hi I am so worried,I have genital herpes I know this because I get breakout in my left buttock but last february I accidentally picked up my 18 month old boy against my hip I had a break out in the left buttock and a little pimple around the hip, he wasn't wearing a diaper because it was bath time and I'm concerned because that same week he got a lump with in his left testicle it was swollen and red with little areas of open skin which went away with a foot athlete's cream that his pediatrician had given him for a rash before I didn't feel him having a fever but this past weekend he got another lump in his inner thigh which burnt him when I washed it with soap he didn't have fever and had a rash in the diaper area again the swelling went away with a diaper cream but it left a little scar his pediatrician is telling me not to worry but mean while I am suffering a lot from this, what do you recommend doctor


bluechick - September 28

You don't need the doctor. There is no risk that your son could get genital herpes this way.


Oblivion - September 28

Your doctor is right, do not worry. Toddlers get sores in that area all the time. That is what happens when you wear diapers.


LiZardluv3r - September 28

sounds to me like you are a sexual predator. Shame on you! You will go to jail if the child gets herpes!


Dallasfan - September 28

this mother is not a sexual predator! please do not continue to post things like that - this board is not about accusing folks of anything - it's for support and information.


bluechick - September 28

I agree..


Luffy - September 29

When you have ob's on your buttocks - you aren't shedding the virus from your hip.).


euphie - September 29

yes you are most likely shedding the virus from your entire anogenital area too but not from the thick skin on your hip ( where a mother balances a child when carrying them ).


Oblivion - September 30

It's very unlikely that you transmitted your hsv2 to your son! It takes more than just actual contact with the virus


Natsu - October 1

virus transmittal takes heat and friction which doesn't happen when just picking your child up to put them in the bath.


Oblivion - October 1

I'm right with your pediatrician that it's not likely to be herpes that is causing your son's rashes. Kids are very prone to rashes - especially until they get out of diapers.



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