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Trying to get pregnant
12 Replies
whytefuture - August 28

Why is it that it is taking me so long to get my infant. I'm trying to get pregnant but had an std in the past fertility doctor said I'm okay?


Oblivion - August 29

You can start counting the days you usually ovulate for about 15 days starting with the start of your period. Just give it some time and be patient!


Hype - August 30

Nothing to worry as long as your doctor said you are already okay. Just try and try. Have fun while you are at it.


besafe - August 30

Have you had your guy checked out? It could be him. There could be other factors involved, not just a previous STD.


Lola - September 4

i like Hype's respone. just have fun while you're having sex. someday you'll get preggy.


Lelouch - September 8

There are lots of possible reasons. Your body may not treat sperm too kindly. You may be trying too hard.


sweetie - September 9

You may be trying too hard. You may not be timing sex to coincide with the peak of fertility in your cycle. Get a thermometer and take your temperature regularly. When it reaches its peak, go for it.


revan_delacroix - October 2

any progress yet?


whytefuture - October 23

is it possible that my body is rejecting his blood type and this is why we cant get pregnant?


Lola - October 23

I think it's a lot more complicated than blood types. Otherwise, pretty much every couple would be experiencing the same thing.


Oblivion - October 23

Sometimes a couple is somewhat genetically incompatible for lack of a better term, and they will have many miscarriages because of it.


Dallasfan - October 23

Honestly, there could be about a thousand reasons- human reproduction is extremely complicated and so much can go wrong (unless you're 15, apparently)- only a physician can determine the exact reason.


besafe - October 23

No, your blood type has nothing to do with pregnancy viability unless there is an RH incompatibility.



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