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vaginal itching and burning
14 Replies
goalcrasher - September 11

My vagina is itchy, burnig and irritated but i clear dischare and no odor. Does any one know whats wrong or what i can do?


Tess - September 12

I had the same symptoms, just a bad yeast infection. Go to the gyno :)


Arya914 - September 12

Hey I am having the same problems right now, bad itching in the vagina, so bad i cant ignore it then it gets sore when i scratch it, i have a whitish discharge sometimes and a little bit of odor, could this be a yeast infection also? or is it something worse?


Oblivion - September 12

Try to shower directly ( use hand shower)to your itching vagina with as hot water (warm is not enough) as you can bear until you feel your itch gone , then dry it up. Your skin will feel numb for awhile.Do it for several times. I don't know the explanation for this but I try and my itch is gone forever.
Good luck


marley65 - September 12

i have vaginal itching only for the last week and im only 18 i dont know whats wrong someone help me please


Leslie Know - September 13

Don't use a wash rag or loofa to wash your vagina it will irritate it more. Also, use dove for sensitive skin.


itsellie - September 14

I have the same problem, I tried using cream.. FAIL! So m mum gt me this new cream how yu needa jam something up in it and I'm just thinking "No thanks..." (I prefer not t jam thins up there eg. tampons :l)


ginger - September 17

yeah its probably a yeast infection which you can get sorted out with cream, but you might want to go to the doctors so that they can examine you first


Gumdrop - September 18

try not to use perfumed soaps as this can irritate the skin and cause irritation with the natural yeast in your body, dry gentle and if the irritation doesnt go away then consult your doctor but its completely curable.


jenzar - November 6

I have the same problem.i don't where i got it. the problem is, when i scratched my itchy vagina i felt there is burning effects every time i pee it seems it causes to irritate my vagina. please help me :'( what will i do.. for now im washing my vagina using feminine wash plus cold water and taking antibiotic Augmentin 625mg/day. DIs is my 2nd day of taking Augmentin.


Debbie - November 6

You need an accurate diagnosis to treat the cause, rather than just symptoms. The scratching should heal. The most common cause of itching is yeast infection and antibiotics will probably make it worse; not better.


Nikki - January 9

i had this problem and my doctor prescribed me a thrush tablet just one, you can buy them over the counter.48 hours later my problems were solved also there is that cream to help the itching..


dorissjessie - April 26

Excessive washing can irritate the vulval area. Older women who may find it difficult to get into a bath may worry about personal hygiene, with the result that they wash the area too much. There is no need to wash several times a day – once is sufficient.


sarahlittle888 - September 15

for many years I was using contraceptive pills thus my vagina was dry and itchy. Very often I felt discomfort having sex. that has changed when I started to use moisturising cream with natural can find more information on


dryitchysclap - March 24

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