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9 Replies
WorriedGf - September 26

Me and my boyfriend have never used protection...just last week he started experiencing pain in the tip of his penis and it wont go away...theres no other symptoms discharge or anything like that...he went to the doctor and did a culture on his urine and they found nothing...we are very worried please help us....what could it be?


Onefish - September 26

Did they check his prostate?


WorriedGf - September 26

They gave him a antibiotic because the doctor thinks that what it could be....but if it is that what would be some of the causes of it?....he blames me for whats going on with him and i dont think its something i have or anything because i have been tested and i dont have anything.


PYO - September 26

i had similar symptoms before I was even sexually active. Itching and pain.


WorriedGf - September 26

another thing why we r worried is we had sex lil over a week ago while I was on my cycle and we did not use protection.....we dont know if that has anything to do with or what we are just really worried and I just want to get through this and find out what it is and whats the cause so he can stop blamming me and treat what is going on.


Dallasfan - September 26

Sometimes men just get prostate infections the same way women get yeast infections or bacterial vaginosis.


WorriedGf - September 26

ty I appreciate ur response...could u tell me what all stds would cause the problem he is having?


loveannie - September 26

Most likely, NGU, gonorrhea and chlamydia. The rest shouldn't cause problems like this.


Grey - September 27

Just to add something on that. NGU is just a non-specific infection in the urethra, and that can be an STD, it can be a result of normal mouth bacteria getting into the urethra during oral sex, or something totally non-related to sex.


WorriedGf - September 27

Ty very much I appreciate it alot



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