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White vaginal bumps
22 Replies
jenibear - September 26

so i just got back from the crotch doctor and she said that everything looks good down my white bumps were nothing so maybe thats a little bit of hope for you....


keephope558 - September 26

hey girls i have always had MANY white bumps in a line down the innerside of my vaginal lips......even before i was sexually active. Doc said it was fine. If you'r worried about this then definitely go see a doc. Makes you feel better to hear it from a professional.


oXChanel5Xo - September 30

I have white bumps also on my lower vagina.. and im going to the doc. today to have them take a look let me tell you all i'v been freaking out!! I'v been with one guy my whole 19 years so i dont think it could be a STD or n e thing but i guess u never know. so im going to get it looked at and ill let you all know as soon as i get back!! THanks and keep your hear high! [3


xXxoOoxXx - September 30

Hey guys, so about a month ago i noticed a white bump on my vagina, now that i took a good look at it last seems like there is a few more. They don't itch or hurt at alll but im like freaking out, crying to my boy friend, hes the only one ive ever had sex with and he gets regularly tested for STD..What do I do what do you think it is....I need to get answers...Thanks guys


confused226 - September 30

ok so i have 2 white bumps like just almost near the starting of the crack of my inner vagina its not on the pinkesh part just like on top...i recently just got a brazillian and had sex with my boyfriend whom is the only one i have ever had sex with. We used a different type of condom this time it was called warm sensation the trojan orange pack...anyway we only did it once..but i have two white bumps and they look like normal white heads that come on ones face or something..


lumaca - September 30

hey i noticed these too the other day! but its only one medium size whiteish pinkish lump! it's somewhere in the middle of everything! i'm freaking out so baad i have no idea what to doo has someone had just one not-so-small lump inside there!??!? can it be some kind of infection??! cancer?:|?!?! or whaat pleaase heeelp!


haha88 - October 2

okay so about a month ago after having sex with my boyfriend i discovored a bump right behind the hole of the vagina. it had no color, it didnt hurt so i just figured it was a scab from havin too much sex. but after that i just kept getting more and more.they moved up the right side into my lips and now are on the left side.and theres one big one right on the hole. they are white now and i have no idea what they are. my boyfriend doesnt have these so i need help to figure out what they are and how to get rid of them.



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