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last - October 1

I have not had any symptoms of herpes and was tested in the military last jan. The test were negative. However boyfriend was showing symptoms of hsv 1. There I was tested the test came back HSV 1 IgG 34.7 non reactive and HSV 2 2.08 non reactive. DOes that mean I just have the anibodies and they are not currently active and if I have never had a reaction how will I know when one is occuring. I am contemplating re taking test but the numbers look so high and definite what should I do. And why is their not a cure yet.


asparagus - October 1

there isn't a cure for any single virus out there.


Lelouch - October 1

I'm wondering if your 34.7 result is actually a hsv1 igg or a combined hsv result and the hsv2 result was the only type specific test done? It looks suspiciously like the default lab corp testing which tests like that. Since your hsv2 result is still under 3.5 and you are hsv1+ and considering the test you most likely had done you should confirm your hsv2 result with confirmatory testing like a biokit test, a herpes WB, a herpes select igg or if you have access to quest labs the herpes inhibition assay. They did tell you you were + for hsv2 didn't they? Did your bf also get tested for hsv2?


smartie - October 2

If you test + for hsv1 you have it whether you can recall ever having a cold sore or not. If you are infected then yes you can transmit it to a partner potentially at some point. If your bf looks like he's getting a cold sore then he can give his doctor a call and ask for the cold sore doses of acyclovir, famvir or valtrex to help shorten its duration.


Oblivion - October 2

There are also many topicals out there - aveeno cold sore treatment is the one I hear the best things about. Apply it every 2-3 hours while awake. Don't waste the money on abreeva - it only heals up cold sores a little less than a day faster than placebo and isn't worth the $$$ for that teeny tube :(


rongagalac - October 2

what does the non reactive mean. He has something at the roof of his mouth. Should I be on treatment? What should I do, is there any cure arising since this is so common.


last - October 15

how do i determine who had it. We have been together monogomously for 3 years and no one had any sort of outbreak.


asparagus - October 15

when you say monogamously, have you considered the fact that your partner might be lying to you? just a thought


last - October 15

Yes. I have heard and seen people totally writing off the disease but I am not confident or comfortable doing that. I am not sure of the steps i should take next. Does this mean I have just been previously exposed to herpes at one point in my life or there is no hope?


alittlejaded - October 15

Last, you sound a little bit like us. We've been together for 2 1/2 years, no one ever had an outbreak and then out of nowhere here we are. And my husband gets the cold sores as well.


Luffy - October 15

There's really no way to tell who gave it to who, sorry. :(


boobii - October 16

I will say this. Be very selescctive of who you see. If you're comfortable with your PCM, then I guess stick with him. But when my pcm decided to test me for herpes, she became a total flake and was very rude and unhelpful.


Natsu - October 18

was your partner tested for hsv2 yet too? he'll need to find out his hsv2 status too while you are waiting to confirm your hsv2 results.

You might never figure out who had what first. what really matters is knowing who has what so you can determine if you need to be taking any precautions or not.



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