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Worried about problems
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Ms. Pierce - September 28

5 months ago I was diagnosed with Genital Herpes... I was truely devistated that my boyfriend had given this to me after having sex several times before I recieved symtoms. I was given Valtrex and Lidocain to easy the pain. I went several weeks before I was successful in getting ride of the herpes outbreak. Just shortly after they disapeared.


Lelouch - September 28

Whre did u first notice it?


Ms. Pierce - September 28

I started to notice these bumps around my vagina where the sores were. These bumps worry me because I am not sure if it is another STD or not. One bumps is fairly large, while the others are small, but wide. They are the same color as the rest of my vagina. The bumps are not irratating. I am really worried that I might have another STD, or these may be scars of some sort. Also they are not hard, but soft. If you could help to tell me what these are, and how to make them go away, that would be greatly appreciated...


Lelouch - September 29

do u think it is inside urs?


Ms. Pierce - September 29

These bumps are around the enterance of the vagina... But not inside. Their is one on the outside of the walls. Thats the fairly large one. I am really scared. What is this?


Jeffhaley - September 29

Hi Ms. Pierce. I have genital herpes as well. I am 25 now and I was diagnosed in February of 2005 when I was 21, so I know what you're going through! Things will get better though I assure you.


ginger - September 30

As far as the bumps on your vagina, it sounds like they could be genital warts, which is a very very common condition.


Natsu - September 30

I'm not a doctor and wouldn't presume to diagnose you over the internet, so you should have them checked by your provider so you can know for sure what they are and have them taken care of if need be.


Saphirehon - September 30

Regardless of what the bumps are I can assure you that it's nothing serious. Don't worry yourself too much though!


sparkeler - September 30

You could be over examining yourself now.


dynamite - September 30

Do the bumps look like chicken skin? It could be just your normal skin that you really haven't noticed until now.


fab5 - September 30

There is a quite higher chance of pregnancy with condom use than of a male contracting herpes from their female partner.


sparkeler - October 1

since you are concerned as to whether or not the "bumps" are normal, I would have them checked out.


fulHHP - October 1

The best thing to do is to return to your gyn for a full work up.


Oblivion - October 1

These bumps could be anything from a sign of fungal or bacterial infection to cysts to warts to just normal skin that you are noticing because of looking at your genital area more frequently.


bangme - October 1

I too have had H-2 for a number of years and have had two partners since contracting it, neither of which was concerned. (The current [H-] partner wants to stop using condoms, which I'm not comfortable with yet, but we'll see.)


Saphirehon - October 2

It's best to get them checked out so you can treat whatever is going on and stop worrying about it.



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