Getting pregnant is often not as easy as it seems to be. While there are numerous things you can do to help increase your chances of pregnancy, such as improving your health and daily routines or trying an alternative therapy like aromatherapy, a natural aphrodisiac, and herbs, not everyone is able to find success.

Experiencing infertility issues can be difficult for any couple. Just why a couple is having problems getting pregnant, though, can vary. In some cases, female infertility issues, such as premature ovarian failure, PCOS or advanced age are behind the troubles while others will be unable to conceive due to male infertility, such as impotence, structural problems, and blockages. In some cases, irregular menstruation such as amenorrhea or ovulatory disorders such as anovulation may signal a fertility problem. Other times, drugs, both prescribed and recreational, may be the culprit behind your fertility woes. However, for some couples, there will be no explanation as to just why they have fertility troubles.

When you are undergoing fertility testing, it is helpful to know just what type of tests you can expect. For more information on typical fertility assessments, take a look at Infertility Testing. In some cases, though, more specific testing may be required. This can include testing for antiphospholipid antibodies or even a diagnostic laparoscopy. A common procedure used to both diagnose fertility problems and help out with treatments is ultrasound.

Depending on just what your diagnosis is, there are a variety of treatments that may be useful to you. These can include fertility drugs like clomid, artificial insemination methods like IVF, ICSI, PGD, GIFT, ZIFT, and IUI, and sperm, embryo or egg donation. There are also a number of alternative fertility treatments that have been found to be affective, both on their own and as a complementary treatment to traditional infertility solutions. Couples who do not wish to pursue fertility treatments may want to consider adoption to achieve their dreams of a family.

Check out our infertility treatment guide for advice on mapping out your treatment timeline and on researching your health insurance coverage plan.

Check out our forum on fertility issues to connect with other women experiencing the same difficulty as yourself.


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Hi, I am 32 years and I have been diagnised having a retrovited (tilted) Uterus, this couse me not to conceive, for the past 4 years I have been trying but up to now I do not have a child of my own. what do I do please help
4 years ago
please try reflexology before having IVF, it may mean you could conceive naturally. There are links in my profile if you are interested in a treatment from me, and if not from me google reflexology associations and find a fully qualified one . best wishes x
5 years ago
hi ,lacy i no your situation , my sister was exactly same as urs but used traditional orthodox help and today she got her babies , so i will say you use tradinal herbs the man that helped her this his email whiterabbitspell at yahoo dot com, she tried four ivf and they failed but after she used traditional herb she got pregnant
6 years ago
Hi! I am 27years old now and I had been diagnosed to have no left and right ovaries. I haven't experienced menstruation since birth. Is ovary transplant can work for me? Please help me.
6 years ago
infertility is a big problem to block women and men to realize their baby dream. although IVF can help them, the high failure rate and high cost makes lots of women and men cannot take this surgery. there is an herbal medicine named fuyan Pill can solve tubal conditions and help women realize their baby dream.
7 years ago