What are Invisalign Braces?

Invisalign braces are the latest innovation in orthodontics treatment. They are 3D printed braces that fit around your teeth. The clear (nearly invisible) guard is worn over your teeth. It can straighten teeth over time in a manner similar to traditional metal braces with brackets.

What are the benefits of invisalign braces?

You can remove the invisalign braces to eat foods like whole apples and hard candies that are off limits if you’re in conventional braces.

You can continue to play sports and engage in other activities without fear of harming your teeth. Take out the invisalign braces and put in your sports mouth guard.

The invisalign braces are nearly invisible. They aren’t going to be noticed. This is a plus for teens who are self-aware and/or prone to bullying. It is also a plus for adults who are self-conscious if they’re wearing braces and don’t want to get questions as to why.

Are the invisalign braces painful? Have you injured your mouth? You can take it out so it isn’t aggravating the condition. You’ll also have far fewer emergency dental visits with invisalign braces, since you can’t have a metal wire break free and poke you in the mouth.

Dental care becomes much easier with invisalign braces. Take them out to floss and brush normally. This makes invisalign braces an excellent choice for children and teenagers who may struggle to care for their teeth generally and would have to do a better job while receiving orthodontic treatment.

Who can wear invisalign braces?

The short answer is almost everyone. Invisalign braces can treat a number of conditions, though it can’t treat everything. It can treat crowded teeth. It can help bring many teeth into better alignment. It can help with an open bite and gap teeth. It may treat underbite and overbite, though that depends on the severity of the case.

Invisalign braces are suitable for children, teens and adults of all ages. Some parents are afraid that if the kids can take them out, they may not wear it. Parents can monitor their kids, too, with compliance indicators to make sure they are wearing it the 20 to 22 hours a day you need for the best results.

Who isn’t a candidate for invisalign braces?

Invisalign cannot treat severe crowding cases. When one tooth is sticking out far in front of or above the others, you need metal bracket braces to slowly pull it into place. Complex orthodontic treatment such as cases where many teeth need to move, or several need to move a great distance, shoud be treated with traditional braces. If the rotation of any tooth is more than 20 degrees, you need conventional braces.

If the teeth are tilted more than 40 degrees, the 3D printed braces won’t make much progress or may not work at all. When the midline discrepancy is more than 2 millimeters, you need conventional braces. Consult with experts like Splash Orthodontics to learn whether or not you’re a candidate for Invisalign. After all, the benefits of Invisalign make it worth investigating.

Some patients have teeth that won’t fit well inside the invisalign brand aligner. Teeth that are short and round may not fit in the aligner or give it a good grip. Pegged teeth cause the same issue. Dental crowns can cause the same problem. Invisalign may not work if you’re missing multiple teeth. You can’t use invisalign with a dental bridge. However, you can wear it in conjunction with retainers and headgear. Talk to a dentist to learn your options.

Pregnant and thinking of invisalign?

If you are considering orthodontics treatment, the best time to do this is after your pregnancy. Since orthodontics requires imaging including x-rays, it is best to do this after baby is born. Pregnant women often have sensitive gums as well as morning sickness,  so it is recommended that you wait until after your delivery. And, during pregnancy, your teeth may actually shift. Pregnant women often grind and clench their teeth, plus hormonal changes can also cause teeth to shift - an even better reason to get invisalign braces after you give birth!


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