Keeping Sperm Healthy

Sometimes, when a couple is infertile, they find that the problem is with the woman's reproductive system. Other times, they find that the man is having the difficulty. When the man is having the problems, it is important to understand male fertility issues and to know how to create healthy sperm.

Sperm problems and sperm health account for as much as 75% of male fertility problems. In order to create the best situation for conception, men need to have tips for keeping their sperm healthy.

The Nos of Drinking, Drugs and More

When you are trying to conceive, make sure not to smoke, do drugs or drink heavily. Smoking has been shown in a great deal of research to adversely affect the health of the sperm. Smoking both damages sperm DNA and creates birth defects. It takes about three months for sperm to fully develop in the body. So, if you smoke now but want your partner to become pregnant, it's important to stop smoking at least three months before trying to conceive. Drugs also have a negative influence on sperm, and alcohol can create impotence. It's important to drink less than two drinks a day to try to avoid these problems.

Eat Right

If you are too heavy or thin, you may be negatively influencing your sperm. If you have a BMI of less than 20 or one that is greater than 25, you may be reducing your sperm count by as much as 22%. It's, therefore, important to eat right and to try to exercise. Keep yourself active and your food portions under control. It's also important for men to get enough sun. Interestingly enough, the sun can increase testosterone and can help to create a healthy sperm count.

Danger of Sun Exposure

While you're trying to enjoy the sun to up your sperm count, do not take in too many rays. If the testicles are overheated often it can reduce sperm count and health. Men shouldn't wear tight fitting pants or underwear and shouldn't take hot baths. Don't keep your laptop on your lap and make sure, instead, to work at a table. While this sounds funny, it really can make a difference in your sperm health!

Steady is as Steady Does

While you want to enjoy your intimate time with your partner, try not to overdo it. You might be decreasing your fertility if you ejaculate more than twice a day. Sperm needs to have time to regenerate after ejaculation, so it's important to give your body a break and time to produce a good sperm count. At the same time, it is important to have consistent relations. Sperm that isn't ejaculated does become old and less fertile, and you should avoid this situation as well.

These are a few of the suggestions that can help you while you are trying to conceive. One other factor in your sperm health is your stress level. Trying to get pregnant, and having fertility issues, can create a lot of stress on a couple. Stress does lead to impotence and may reduce your sperm health. Try to relax as much as possible with this process and work to create healthy sperm for successful conception!

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