How To Manage The Stress Of Infertility

While stress is not the direct cause of infertility, it can be a very influential factor on our reproductive and general health. In particular, the stress of infertility and fertility treatments can be very hard to control. Treatments such as IVF can be costly, invasive and have no guarantee of success. This article will look at ways of managing stress and our reactions to it in order to reduce the negative impact that stress has on our lives.

Relaxation Techniques

You can learn methods to moderate how you physically react to stress. Deep breathing can slow your heart rate and bring your respiration back to normal levels. Relaxation techniques such as breathing exercises and visualization techniques can help to reduce muscle tension, elevated heart rates and blood pressure. These techniques are not short term solutions as it can take a long time to learn the techniques and gain full benefit. However, relaxation methods are a crucial tool in the management of the challenges and disappointments that infertility brings.

Emotional Issues

It is possible to identify what your stress triggers are. While you may not be able to avoid these triggers completely, you can reduce your exposure to them. One example is that many couples coping with infertility find it difficult to be around couples with babies. It is possible to be selective with your free time and do activities that are not child centered. It's about knowing your own limitations.

Finding Support

It is very important that you develop mutually supportive friends. There are many people going through the struggles of infertility and it can be a big help to share your experiences with people who can relate to your emotions. Support groups are also a useful resource, either on-line or at a local group. It can provide an opportunity to ask questions, share information and be open about frustrations and difficulties. If you find that you are not coping and are showing signs of depression, it is important to consult with a professional.

The Benefits Of Yoga

Much has been written about the benefits of exercise for reproductive health and infertility. Recently, the benefits of yoga in particular have been highlighted. Yoga teachers claim that it gives people a chance to focus on themselves and their health rather than focusing solely on their problems. Yoga has an emphasis on wellbeing and many infertility sufferers report feeling stronger and more confident with their body after yoga. Followers of yoga often find that it motivates them to improve their lifestyle and diet as well. These factors, combined with a reduction of stress can help to increase the chances of conception.

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