What is Cerazette?

Cerazette, also known as the “mini pill,” is a well-known estrogen-free contraceptive clinically proven to be 99% effective in preventing pregnancy. As Cerazette only contains one active ingredient, artificial progestogen, it differs from the regular dual contraceptive pill. Like other low dose oral contraceptives, this treatment offers effective protection and also helps reduce the incidence of painful periods.

Furthermore, unlike many other progestogen only pills, Cerazette offers greater flexibility because it can be taken up to 12 hours later than at the usual time (although this is not recommended as standard practice).

How does it work?

Cerazette’s main purpose is to prevent ovulation. The pill convinces the body that ovulation has already occurred, therefore the chances of an egg being released into the womb are highly minimised. It also decreases the probability of sperm entering the womb by increasing the texture of cervical fluid. In addition, it has an effect on the viscosity of cervical fluid, making it near enough impossible for sperm to enter the womb.

How do you take it?

Similar to other mini birth control pills, Cerazette should be taken continuously for the full 28 days of your cycle. It’s best advised to start use on the first day of your period, and to take the pill at the same time every day. However, if you do forget to take a tablet, it can still be taken up to 12 hours later than your regular schedule. It’s important to use an additional barrier contraceptive for 7 days if you do forget to ensure you are covered.


If you follow the correct guidelines for taking the medication, Cerazette is 99% successful in preventing pregnancy. In other words, less than 1 in every 100 women will get pregnant while using this method of contraception correctly. Gynaecologists list the following benefits of the 12-hour intake window of Cerazette: lower patient anxiety levels, superior patient compliance and higher confidence in efficacy.


Since Cerazette doesn’t contain oestrogen, it is alleged to be safer for women who breastfeed as well as for women aged 35 or over who smoke.

An additional benefit it has over other regular mini pills, which must be taken within the same 3 hours every day, is that it can be taken up to 12 hours later than usual.

Also, it provides relief for women who suffer from painful periods. In a clinical study, 94% of women reported less pain during their periods while using Cerazette.


Though it has been well received by patients in clinical trials, Cerazette is a prescription treatment, meaning there is a slights risk of getting side effects.

The most common include headache, nausea, acne, breast pain, decreased sexual libido and irregular or no periods.

If you happen to be in the minority who experience these side effects, they usually pass on once your body becomes used to the active ingredients in the treatment.


It is advised not to take Cerazette if you are allergic to desogestrel (an artificial progestogen). Moreover, you shouldn’t use this treatment if you are pregnant, have or have experienced thrombosis, unexplained vaginal bleeding or jaundice (yellowing skin).

Alcohol & Diet

Alcohol: though alcohol can interact with several medicines, there are no known interactions between Cerazette and alcohol.

Diet: in the case of Cerazette, there are no particular dietary requirements you have to follow when taking the medication.

Driving and handling machinery

Though you should not experience any problems with driving or handling machinery while taking Cerazette, you should determine how the treatment personally affects you and then come to a personal judgement about the risks. If in doubt, contact your prescriber for further information.

How do I get a consistent supply of Cerazette?

In order to get a continuous supply, you will have to supply correct, up to date blood pressure readings each time. You must follow this step because contraceptive pills can cause a rise in blood pressure with potentially harmful consequences. Measuring your blood pressure is quite straightforward and should only take a few minutes.

Certain online clinics offer a consultation service and access to the treatment, so this could be viewed as a positive alternative if a visit to the health clinic is not possible or you are on holiday.

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