Ideas for Natural Fertility

There are a number of natural fertility methods and suggestions that might be able to aid with your fertility problems. Certainly, if you think you are having fertility issues, it's worth it to explore some of these naturally options before using medical treatments. They are certainly less invasive and less expensive than medical treatment, and can benefit your body as well.

Using the Right Pregnancy Positions

Your intimacy can influence your fertility a great deal. There are certain positions that are supposed to enhance fertility, and certain behaviors that can also increase your chances. The missionary position is said to be the best position for conception, as it works with gravity and brings the sperm closest to the egg. Similarly, spooning and doggie style are both helpful positions. It's important not to use lubricants if you are trying to conceive, as they block the flow of the sperm to the egg. Similarly, you should stay in bed for about 15 to 20 minutes after being intimate, giving the sperm the time that it needs to travel to the egg.


There is one type of yoga that is specifically designed for fertility. It caters to couples with fertility problems by combing regular yoga with specific positions designed to promote fertility. As a side benefit, it helps you to relax, to increase flexibility, and to create a bonding experience for you and your partner.

Get In The Pool

One interesting form of natural fertility enhancement is hydrotherapy. It increases circulation, reduces stress and helps with digestion. When a couple is infertile and trying to get pregnant, it can create a lot of stress on the relationship, and on the intimacy between the two people. Hydrotherapy tries to relax the couple and to alleviate their stress and depression. It gives the couple something to do together as a bonding experience and helps to make the body more receptive to conception.

Pins and Needles

Acupuncture is known to have many benefits. One benefit is in increasing fertility through relaxation. Sterilized needles are placed at specific pressure points, helping you to relax. One study done in 2004 in Colorado found that 36% of women who only did IVF became pregnant while 51% of the women who did both IVF and acupuncture conceived.

There are many other techniques that aim to offer natural options for conception. The main barriers that these techniques try to alleviate include stress, depression and conflict between partners. These techniques are meant to relax the woman or the couple, and to create the right state of mind and body relaxation to invite conception.

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