Not Getting Your Figure Back?

One of the things they can forget to tell new mums is that your body doesn't always go back to the way it was before you got pregnant.
Even after you lose all your baby weight and you are as trim as you were before, which normally takes between three to six months, you can still find that your pre-baby clothes or shoes won't fit you. It may be a great excuse to hit the shops, but that may be no consolation if you just can't fit into your favourite skinny jeans anymore.

Why Don't Those Jeans Fit?

When you are pregnant, the ligaments in your body loosen because of the effects of a hormone called relaxin. This is especially true for the pelvis, which widens and stretches to make room for the baby. However once your baby is born, those pelvic area ligaments don't just snap back into place and women are usually left with wider hips. This is totally normal. Actress, Denise Van Outen, currently starring in the West End musical Legally Blonde, knows this herself. Even though she has got back to a size ten, her pre-baby jeans still don't fit because her body has changed shape and her hips are now wider than they were before.

Are Your Shoes Too Small?

Finding that your feet have gone up a half or a full size after birth is quite common too. Denise also recently gave away all her designer shoes because her feet not only got bigger during her pregnancy, which again is pretty normal, but have stayed a whole size bigger, even almost a year after giving birth.

Bigger Or Smaller Boobs?

While women's breasts increase in size during pregnancy and stay bigger while they are breast-feeding, don't expect your boobs to go back to their pre-pregnancy state either. Some women find that their boobs stay bigger even after they stop breast feeding, while other women find that they not only shrink but they get smaller than they were before. There is really no way of knowing in advance, but as breasts don't have any muscle to hold them up, you may find that your boobs get a bit droopy. Again this is completely natural and normal. If you are thinking of having a boob job to restore your breasts to the way they were before, wait until you've finished having your children. Otherwise, you will only have to have it done again if you have another baby. Remember surgery can interfere with your ability to breast feed and plays havoc with your sensitivity so it's better to leave well alone and get used to the new you.

Seen A Dentist?

There's an old wives tale that says that you lose a tooth for every baby. Well that might not be strictly true, but you certainly may find that you have more problems with your teeth, and need more fillings or even a root canal. This happens even though you avoid sugar and brush your teeth after every meal. Your baby needs calcium, which she can only get from you, not only while you are pregnant but also while you are nursing. So to help avoid problems with your teeth make an appointment with the dentist and make sure to get enough calcium in your diet.

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