Weight loss steps to take after pregnancy

After giving birth, it is only natural that many women want to regain their pre-baby bodies. There are some steps you can take to help reduce your weight after pregnancy, but it is essential to have allowed time for your body to heal after labour before you begin a diet. It is advisable to speak to you GP about dieting after giving birth so they can advise you on when you should start.

Gentle Exercise

The best way to begin your post-baby diet is to do gentle exercise, don’t push yourself too far to begin with. Walking, such as pushing your baby in the pram, and gentle stretches will add up and help you shift some pounds. Remember that this is not a race and by setting yourself realistic goals you will stay more motivated. There are more exercises you can work into your routine as you get to grips more with balancing the new baby and you.

Eat A Balanced Diet

When it comes to what foods to eat, try whole-grains and protein food such as lean meat and fish so you can fill yourself up for longer while also having a balance and getting at the nutrients you need. It can be exhausting being a new parent but it is important for your own health to make time for your meals. Fruit and vegetables are key and they can be great snacks between meals if you are feeling peckish, but don’t deprive yourself of a piece of chocolate or a biscuit – just don’t go overboard.

Can't Shift the Weight?

If the exercising and eating right are not shifting the weight there is always the option of a tummy tuck or liposuction. Tummy tucks are a good way to get rid of the excess skin and fat that having a baby can leave behind, but it is advised to only have a tummy tuck if you are completely finished having children. If you do not want to have a tummy tuck then you could look into liposuction.

Vaser liposuction from MYA is a less invasive procedure and has a quicker recovery period which is good for busy new mums. The ultra sounds in Vaser Liposuction target the fat directly and break it down and up to four litres can be removed at once. It is best to seek advice from the cosmetic consultant before going ahead with the surgery and letting them know you have had a baby is

Whatever you chose to do, remember to set yourself reachable goals and targets but most of all enjoy being a new mum!

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