Prelabor Can Trigger Induction

Prelabor is preparation time for the body and the baby. Although days and sometimes weeks of prelabor cramping and pain can feel like a forever time of discomfort, it is important to know that the time is all part of the preparation for serious labor.

Some women cannot cope and decide they want it over as soon as possible. It's possible for that to happen with induction.

Prelabor Can Speed Delivery

However, for women who opt to ride it out, they can take heart in knowing that prelabor primes the cervix very well so that once established, labor starts the progress and it can be quite quick.

A woman who may take two or three days to dilate three centimeters may have three to six hours of established hard labor and then deliver.

That is why it is important to stay well hydrated and well nourished during the prelabor period - it helps the body maintain strength and energy to cope with labor.

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