Relax into Fertility

Stress is one of the major obstacles to fertility. Often, when a couple has trouble conceiving, they become more and more stressed. They lose the spontaneity involved in their intimacy, and begin to see intimacy as a stressful event that leads to frustration. It's very important to try to reduce this stress when you are trying to conceive, and to put the love and energy back into your intimacy that you've lost. The ideas below may not completely solve your fertility problems or make your stress vanish, but they certainly can't hurt! If nothing else, they will tone your body, help to reduce your stress, and help you to bond with your partner.

Get Flexible with Pilates

Pilates uses small body movements as a way to tone and strengthen core areas of your body. It strengthens your body overall, while improving your muscle tone and spinal alignment. It also helps you to relax and to reduce your level of stress. This type of exercise, and many others, helps your body to release endorphins. These create a healthy and natural response to both pain and stress and can help to regulate your sleep. If you and your partner do Pilates together, it can help you to relax as a couple and to enjoy some time together!

Enjoy a Chinese Method

Tai Chi is a wonderful type of exercise that can tone your body and relieve your stress. In particular, it helps to increase your energy. Tai Chi is a low impact form of exercise with positions that use deep breathing, concentration and relaxation. It can increase the muscle tone in your body, aid in circulation and reduce your stress.

Flower Power

Flower therapies have many similarities with aromatherapy. These therapies use flower essences that contain properties that can benefit the body. Many of these essences are put together to reduce stress and anxiety and to help you to relax. They are generally taken as drops that are put on the tongue or as drops that are taken in a glass of water. There are a number of flower remedies that are said to help with fertility. These include She Oak, Noni, White Chestnut, Vervain, Wisteria, Aspen and White Chestnut

Relax in the Bath

One place that can really help to calm you is the bath, Jacuzzi or sauna. Taking a bath before bedtime each night, or enjoy time in a Jacuzzi or sauna can help you to calm down and to become more relaxed. This may be a good activity to do before being intimate - and can also be a fun way to spend time together! Be careful, however, not to be in water that is too hot. This can be detrimental to you if you are already pregnant.


Similarly, enjoying a good massage once in a while can help you to relax and can massage the stress out of your body. If you can afford a professional massage, then splurge on this and enjoy when you want to! If it's too expensive, then find a friend who could give you a massage as a favor, or enjoy this activity with your partner. Again, this will help you to relax, to enjoy your time together, and to be more open to intimacy in a calmer way.

All of these activities can help you to relax and to bond with your partner. It is very important to try to reduce your stress levels while trying to conceive and to enjoy your time together. Have fun with these activities. They will produce great results for your body, your peace of mind, and your stress level, as they, hopefully, help you to conceive as well.

Another great way to reduce stress is to create a relaxing retreat right in your own home.  Check out some of our ideas that you can use for your new home decor.

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