Surprises For Mom and Baby After Birth

Having a baby is a wonderful experience. It's also a very trying one. There are a million adjustments to make once you bring the baby home, and it's important to prepare yourself and your partner ahead of time for these adjustments. Certainly, each person is different, and what is difficult for one person won't be for another. There are many postpartum events that people often don't discuss. Here, we take a look at these surprises and help to prepare for your first months after the baby's birth.

Surprises with the Mom

Your body has just undergone many changes. You've gained weight and carried a baby to term. Now, your body is going to produce milk and slowly move back to your regular shape. While this process takes place, there are a number of issues you may experience.


Right after the birth, you may experience severe postpartum constipation. This is rarely discussed, and most doctors don't even warn women about this problem. Your constipation may continue well into your first week after the baby arrives. Use a stool softener or suppository and eat a diet that is rich in fiber to help with this process.

Breast Size

Your breasts will become huge after the baby arrives, as they prepare for your milk to come in. You may be surprised to know that your milk won't come in for a few days after delivery. At first, if you nurse, you'll be breastfeeding your baby Colostrum, which will turn into milk somewhere between three days and one week after delivery. When your milk arrives, you'll be shocked by the increase in your breast size. Eventually, after you've fed the baby for a few weeks or so, your milk will regulate and your breasts will decrease somewhat.


While you'll feel enormously relieved after your delivery that you are no longer pregnant, most people won't miraculously fit back into their clothes. Most women still need their maternity clothes for a number of months after the baby's arrival. This can feel very frustrating and discouraging. You may even keep your pregnancy belly, although only at the size of a four or five month pregnant woman, for a few weeks or more. Your body took 9 months to get to the size it was at delivery. Give yourself time to get back to your own size!  Eat well and take care of yourself, and the weight will come off eventually.

Surprises with the Baby

The baby will also surprise you in a number of ways. While there are many adjustments that you'll have to make when the baby comes home, there are a few things that no one may have told you.


Your baby's first bowel movements will look like tar. This is a substance called Meconium and it is dark green or black and extremely sticky. This is from the baby's time in the womb, and it will decrease over the first few days. It's very hard to clean. If you aren't aware of this, you may be shocked when you see your baby's first bowel movement.

Clothing Problems

Newborns are really small. This creates a clothing problem. Unless you've delivered a huge baby, it may be hard to find clothing that will cover your little guy well. Even newborn sizes are often too big for most newborns. Be prepared for this and know that you may not be able to use all of those adorable clothes you've received for a few weeks or even longer.


Any experienced mother knows what colic is, but many new moms do not. Colic is a term that used for all newborn's inconsolable crying. Many babies cry with no reason for long stretches of time. Some will have patterns to their crying, crying more in the evening hours, while others will seem to cry all the time. No one knows why babies experience colic, but it's important to know that this may occur. Most babies, in the beginning, will cry a good deal. Colic, truly uncontrollable and prolonged crying, usually sets in between 4 and 6 weeks and lasts until around 12 weeks. Be prepared that this may happen, and get suggestions from your doctor, friends and family for ways to calm the baby.

You will experience many changes - physically, psychologically and emotionally - when you bring your baby home. Try to remain as flexible and positive as possible and try to enjoy this exciting time in your life. If you're armed with the knowledge of these surprises, you should find yourself more prepared and ready to tackle the challenges ahead!


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