What You Need to Know About IVF

If you’re dealing with infertility then it’s very possible that you may want to consider IVF as it is one of the best options for those having trouble getting pregnant. Choosing to go the IVF route is not something you should do without understanding the way it works and whether or not you’re a proper candidate. The more information you can get the better choice you’ll be able to make for yourself.

What is IVF Anyway?

IVF, which stands for in vitro fertilisation, is a procedure that takes a man’s sperm and a woman’s eggs and fertilises them outside of the womb and then implants the fertilized eggs into a woman to carry and deliver. The eggs are taken from the woman’s ovaries while she is sedated or under general anaesthesia. In order to give a couple the best chances at success, the doctor will remove anywhere from approximately 10 to 30 eggs.  Once fertilised with the sperm there is a short waiting period where the cells are given the chance to multiply. The suitable embryos will then be placed back inside of the woman and this often consists of multiple embryos in order to give her the highest chance of pregnancy. This is also the reason why many women who get pregnant via IVF go on to have multiple pregnancies, ending up with twins, triplets and sometimes even more.

Things To Consider

Again, IVF isn’t something that one should rush into and there are things to consider before you do attempt IVF. For instance, IVF is costly and not always successful depending on your or your partner’s reproductive issues. There is no guarantee of success with IVF. This is why other options are usually suggested before trying IVF. Also, the procedure can be stressful and is somewhat invasive for a woman. And there is also the high possibility of the multiple births which can be emotionally, physically and financially draining for couples who are not prepared to have more than one child at a time. Multiple births also pose some health risks to the mother and babies so possible complications also need to be seriously considered before deciding on IVF.

Choosing IVF is something that requires a great deal of thought. Along with your partner and doctor, you can also turn to support groups and online forums to connect with others who have been through the process and can share their insights and offer support.

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